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Unit 35: Music Studio Production

To achieve professional standards in both recording and production, learners need a firm grasp of the theories underpinning. In this unit learners will consolidate practical knowledge of studio equipment and processes with theoretical skills covering a number of aspects of audio recording and production. The unit is concerned with the application of the theoretical knowledge required to achieve professional standards of practice. An understanding of sound theory and digital audio concepts will allow learners to make informed decisions during the recording and production processes. These skills are transferable to a number of areas, such as live sound, audio post-production and sound design, and can lead to employment such as recording studio engineer, sound engineer for live venues, studio assistant, sound engineer for post-audio in the media industry and audio consultant.

Much of the delivery should be made to small groups of learners in the studio environment. Learners should be encouraged to experiment with and explore the concepts and techniques that are presented to them within the context of their creative resources. The production process can be broken down into simpler blocks and then reassembled, as learners become familiar with these. Creative and technical aspects of the process should be integrated so that activities are always rewarding. Thorough analysis of existing examples of excellence, both musical and technical, is to be encouraged and seminar work could be geared towards this.