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Unit 12: Computer Music Composition and Production

Technology advances in recent years have brought about a significant change in how we produce and compose music. This unit looks into the tools and techniques made available to facilitate the process of creation, manipulation and production of musical ideas and sound. Learners will examine a range of software and hardware options with a view to integrating in the creative process.

Throughout this unit learners will develop an individual creative resource of techniques, processes and material. Learners should be exposed to a range of musical examples in which these techniques are used. Learners should be encouraged to apply these techniques and processes to their preferred musical idioms.

Many of the concepts and techniques involved in this unit can be delivered by demonstration. It is essential for it to be reinforced by ‘hands-on’ practice and experimentation. Supervised workshop sessions will allow individual queries and problems to be addressed. Learners should be encouraged to manage their own learning, supported by tutorial and group discussion.

Presentation and discussion of learners’ work by their peers can be valuable for sharing ideas and constructive criticism. Evidence for most of the content of this unit will take the form of a portfolio of music software files that demonstrates the learner’s growing affinity with computer-based composition and production. Where possible it would be beneficial for the musical content of this portfolio to represent the creative direction of each learner. It is likely that in certain cases the actual content will have to be dictated to ensure that all of the outcomes are covered.