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Unit 3: Applied Music Production Techniques

As with many arts-related media, to explore and further new ideas in music production it is essential to review and understand successful techniques. Studio production is regarded as being as creative as the music itself and often a song will be arranged, shaped and defined
within studio production.

This process can often make the difference between success and failure, separating the ordinary from the innovative. Whilst the use of technology has always contributed to studio production, the way in which it is used can also greatly influence the outcome of any final

This unit explores successful production techniques and styles, reflecting on both the engineer’s and the producer’s creative skills, as well as the creative use of technology. Production techniques and styles can be achieved through both research and critical listening; these can also be applied to reflect current trends within popular as well as other less mainstream music production.

The unit then develops these ideas on a practical level, with the learner given the task of employing a specific, previously recognised production style before developing and creating their own production techniques.

Learners will collect ideas, techniques, tools and creative inquisitiveness that will become their ‘toolbox’ for a successful career as a producer in the music world.