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Unit 42: Preparation, Process and Production in the Creative Arts

This unit deals with the practical application of skills and techniques required in the preparation and production of creative work. Learners will carry out their role or roles as part of a team working within a clearly defined project that facilitates the development of industry skills. The project brief should be negotiated, and identify a clear market or target audience. The development process is intended to allow learners to refine ideas, develop skills to produce work that culminates in for example a live event, public performance, or a recorded product.

It is essential that learners during planning, process and production, that they apply and work within current legislative frameworks including operating and working safely. It is essential that learners apply industry practice that incorporates post-production reflection, review and evaluation. Learners must show how work is developed for a target audience in response to a defined and negotiated brief culminating in finished work.










Tags: Preparation, Process and Production in the Creative Arts