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Unit 38: New Media Technology

New media technology is an area of increasing relevance to musical practitioners. Traditionally, the music industry has always used a variety of methods to create, promote and distribute product, but artists often had to rely on specialists to accomplish these tasks for them. The emergence of the internet means artists can access distribution networks without the support of record labels and digital content creation has made all aspects of music production and marketing accessible to the individual. The unit is designed to highlight the impact of existing and emerging technologies upon the role of music practitioner, with particular reference to the internet. Learners are given the opportunity to develop basic web design skills that include the creation of audio, graphics and video for online content. Learners also examine opportunities for creative collaboration via internet technology and web-based methods of musical product distribution.

On completion of this unit learners will have acquired a starting point to a wide range of skills that will support their vocational development within the music industry. As well as learning basic web design and graphics and video creation, learners will begin to understand how to individualise these elements to showcase their music and support their artistic profile. Although the unit is only an introduction to new media technology, learners should feel confident in their ability to continue research in this area and understand the relevance of reviewing and updating the relevant skills.








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