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Unit 33: Music Performance Studies

Understanding how to structure and monitor practice will enable meaningful progress. Intrinsic to music is musical performance. Through practice all successful musicians develop a variety of performance skills, both as an individual performer and when working with other musicians. This applies equally to working in traditional environments and the electronic domain (for example, studio, DJ etc). In addition, all musicians benefit from expanding their knowledge and understanding of contrasting styles and different instruments.

To improve as a player and performer, practice of technique and accurate playing of a range of music and styles is essential. This unit involves a study of varied repertoire, reading and sightreading techniques and structured practice and preparation skills. It also includes rehearsal, direction and performance for solo and ensemble work. Regardless of style, genre or period, improvement as a player involves not only practice but evaluation of how effective this process is. On completion of this unit learners will understand the underlying process – and ingredients – of successful and sustained improvement in performance.






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