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Unit 36: Music Technology

Music technology is a subject that focuses upon the creation of music within the context of modern production environments. Contemporary music production covers a variety of disciplines, such as sequencing, audio recording, sampling, synthesis and associated compositional technique. However, this unit focuses on how these different techniques are integrated to form the basis of modern music production.

The unit is designed to give learners the confidence to produce music using a range of different methods and technologies. Learners will develop the practical skills associated with sequencing and audio recording. They will also develop the skills required to create musical composition using modern technology. On completion of this unit learners will understand how the realisation of musical ideas can be achieved through the application of technology. Emphasis should be placed on transferable skills to give the learners confidence with a wide range of platforms and technology. The unit gives learners opportunities to investigate performance technique and musical scores; this helps understanding of the interaction between technology and performance and emphasises the need for good communication skills. Content can support understanding of related issues such as listening skills and computer architectures.

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